Bringing Gove Together


Gove Online is a great place to promote your business. We offer both free and paid business promotion.
Any profits from advertising go directly into hosting and site improvement.

Free Business Promotion

Gove online is designed to be a totally free website for local businesses and users. You can list your business in the 'Gove Guide' for free. All you need to do is:

  • Create a word document with information about your business.
    • Include address
    • Postal address
    • Phone and fax numbers
    • Email address
    • Website (If you have one)
    • In depth description of your offerings
  • Contact Michael Wheatland on (08) 8987 8181 or email.

Many Gove businesses are competitive with other businesses in major cities, we understand this, but many people in Nhulnbuy do not. You may use Gove Online to promote your business and extend exclusive offers to website users for free.


To make your business more prominent including priority listings in the Gove Guide, Banners linking to your business listing or offers are available.

Prices are currently negotiable and are offered on a calendar monthly basis. If you wish to be one of the first businesses to make full use of Gove Online's services we may be able to provide you with heavily discounted advertising depending on what your business extends as exclusive offers to site members.


An email account for your business can be created. It will look like
The email address is accessable online and on your mobile phone or can be forwarded to your existing email address.
It is very easy to use and will brand your business as a local Nhulunbuy Business.
The email is a webmail system and is accessable anywhere on the internet on any computer.
99.9% uptime, powered by Google.

Email for social clubs - $Free (Must not be used for a registered business)

Email for businesses - $20 per year


This site is not primarily for profit, but if you wish to make your business stand out from the crowd please contact Michael Wheatland on (08) 8987 8181