Bringing Gove Together

Gove 4WD club is for the people of Nhulunbuy and Arnhem Land who love to venture out where others can't.

There are many people who own four wheel drives in town, and this club allows you to get information about the vehicles, tracks and maintenance as well as some photos of some serious fun out bush.

So do you love getting bogged? Love wondering if that hill is out of reach? Join us, get involved and have some fun.

The journey is 99% of all the fun!

Newest Members


Thanks for being the first people to sign up to the Gove 4WD club.
This is a new club which should be popular in town considering how many people have four wheel drives.

As my time is largely taken up by this website I am looking for some people to initiate activities such as events, competitions, convoys and camping trips.

If you think you can help out, even with some organising please post your suggestions in the group forum. (Link on right hand side under 'GOVE 4WD'.

Thanks all,
Michael Wheatland

How much off road driving is there?


OK with the number of 4WD's in Gove, how many actively go off-road other than head to the beach...... Is there an active 4WD club..... Would be extremely interested in hearing.