Bringing Gove Together


Greetings Fellow Writers, Bard's, performers, presenters and others ....
I have been approached by a number of you, about when we will have our next writers night.
The year is rapidly drawing to a close and the Xmas parties are already coming thick and fast in December.
So let's make it so this Friday night the 19th Nov from 7 pm.
I will confirm if I can get The Arnhem Club Catalina room today.
If someone has another idea for an alternative venue, please speak up now.
Format for the evening will be the reading of  poems, short stories, tales, a bit of live acoustic music, a chance to exchange ideas with other writers, food and and a few drinks.
If your material is original that's great, or if you have a favourite you would like to share, bring it on.
I will ensure there is a yummy platter of snacks to feed those attending.
So please give me your RSVP by Thursday so I can cater for the evening.
A $5 a head cover will pay for this and keep the wheels of Arnhem Writers lubricated !
The Gove Peninsula Festival is Having its AGM and public meeting tonight as follows:
On Wednesday the 17th November, The Gove Peninsula Festival Association will be holding their AGM and a public meeting to elect a committee for the running of the 2011 festival.
Venue is the Arnhem Club Catalina room. AGM will be at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 17th. Be there and get involved if you would like to see a Festival in August 2011.
Contact Ian Maclean for further details on 0417 601490
Perhaps there is a place for Arnhem Writers in the 2011 GPF ?
Come along tonight if you would like to make the 2011 GPF happen.