Bringing Gove Together

The construction of Gove in the 1970s.

Hi, I was one of thousands of young men who did a stint at Gove in the early seventies. We built the town! There were men from all over the world. I'm from London though I'm Irish born.

I'm wondering if there is anybody browsing this site who worked there on construction in 1972?

I was a member of the infamous gullypit gang. We had one of the easiest jobs on the site and never seemed to do any real work!!  Our job was to dig the holes for the drains or gullypits at the side of the roads. The digger machine did all the work while we stood and watched mostly.
  It was an isolated place in those days and there wasn't much for us guys to do after work except grab some beers and watch the incredible sunsets. That was our TV. When we had enough beer we would go to bed.
  On Sundays we would sometimes go down to the beach but it wasn't much fun because it was too dangerous to swim for some reason. Jellyfish? Days off we would hang out in our dongas, (huts) enjoying what airconditioning we had and swapping magazines.
 There were very few women there and one worked in the shop. All of us guys would always be finding excuses to go to the shop just to look at this blonde German woman. I saw one other woman in the six months I was there and she was the nurse who stitched up my hand after I punched it through a wall for a bet.

All in all a great adventure for young lads in their twenties. We had some fun.

Before I left I was sent to work on the big hospital that was rising from the ground. Our camp with rows and rows of dongas was at the foot of "Mount" Saunders. There was another camp a few miles down the road. Maybe that was Nhulunbuy.

Anybody got any pictures of Gove in those days? Noel Latta from NZ...where are you? A good man from Invercargill.