Bringing Gove Together


4WD is a daily challenge in Nhulunbuy, whether it be heading to the beaches with a bit of sand driving, or heading down the dirt track to Goanna Creek there are things to remember and local dangers which you should be aware of before setting out.

Let us know if you have any comments about driving in the bush around Arnhem Land.
I got a couple of tips for you all, most will know the first. When in sand let your tyres down, try 15 psi this works for me. And get a good compressor not one of those cheep China ones.
The next one if you don't have a Dif Lock and you are just spinning one tyre while the other doesn't spin at all and is not bogged down like the other. Pull your hand break on a bit, sounds stupid hey. What this will do is force the diff to start spinning the unbogged tyre. This also works for the foot break on the front wheels. Oh this only works if your brakes are located at the wheels some Nissans have the brake on the drive shaft.
Lasty CB's are good for car to car but useless for calling for help. Install a VHF Marine radio in your car. There are 2 Marine repeaters one on CH 80 and the other on CH 81 with great coverage to most of the camping grounds. Every Boat owner has one as well CH 16 is monitored 24/7 by heaps of people. Also every search and customs plane has one and the range can be 200Km +