Bringing Gove Together

Remote Controlled Aeroplanes

If there is any one interested in flying r/c Aeroplanes in gove, leave a post here, or maybe your a land r/c fan, let us know and we can possably get together for a fly (or drive for the land lovers)

I have just started flying, so far not that successful, after one succsessful yesterday and the second today , well, now my plane is in a million bits,
Myself and others have been flying on Sat & Sun mornings (6:30am) before the wind comes up at hindel ovel No 2 near the hockey field.
so, if you keen come on down, Oh, if your on Nitro or gas we might need to change locations as so far we are running electric planes.

If you are looking to purchase a plane there is a Ebay Store online ( R/C Hobby Center )
Really good prices, and reasonable quality.

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hi  I have been making a spad plane this is the site for them... ...thay are easy to make and fix to
cheers dave
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Dave 0409843122