Bringing Gove Together

Ever thought of trying a tri (triathlon)

Giving a triathlon a go is very achievable. People associate tri and Emma Snowsill at the Commonwealth Games. Yeah how proud to have a mens and womens double win. But hey lets get in the real world.
There is a whole heap of  Govites really keen to get fit and test themselves to start and finish a race. The races we have in town are mini entry level races. Very fun and achievable. Teams are encouraged and a childrens event is also held.
There is also a few of us that are keen to make a goal in travelling to Bali to race in an international olympic distance tri next june/july holidays. But the go is to start and finish. Some of us are a little more competetive then others but thats what makes Runners North interesting and spiritual.
Is anyone keen to have a go but a bit nervous to start with the club?
We all have to start somewhere and maybe some guidence could be all you need to make those first moves to improve your life with fun fitness and new friends.

Taylored and Fit's picture
Hey Rach,

Hope this whole string doesnt just be you and me!!!

Starting any exercise programme is really scary as you know. Some people are very shy and far too nervous to come along. They sit in their cars or on the patio and watch it all go past and just WISH they could.

As we both know it isnt as hard as it looks and I guess we have to let people know that they can "sneak along" for a go if they wish. Sidle up to one of the members be it you, me or anyone of us who looks safe and just say I want to try.

 Aside from giving triathlons a go, we at Runners North want the whole town to be active regardless of whether its running, triathlons or whatever.

The biggest thing I get really Frustrated with is when people say " I want to be fit first and then I will come". We will get you fit first! Just be active, thats all it takes