Bringing Gove Together

Do we move?

My husband has applied for a job at Rio Tinto so, I am doing some research.  I was looking on the weather page and noticed mosquitoes and sand flies are common.  Both of these little creatures seem to love my son and my blood.  He can end up on antiobiotics from infection only with a couple of bites.  Do you think this would be an unbearable problem if we moved to Gove?
What is the accommodation like?  Do we bring our own furniture with us?  This is all very exciting and scary at the same time.
Thanks Melissa

Hey Melissa,

Congrats on your husband's wise decision to apply for a job at Gove.

Most of the questions you have asked will be answered by the Rio Tinto HR team, if you're both brought to site for an interview.

To answer your question about sandflys and mosquitoes, there are quite a few bugs up here. just after the rains we have found that there is lots of sandfly and mosquito activity on and around the beaches, but any other time of the year has been ok.
We have a problem with Green Ants at the moment, they are all over the entrance to our flat and we have to sprint to get inside without being bitten.

You can also check out the Gove Online forum topic about Gove weather patterns, or just click the following url:

It has further info on when and which insects are biting up here.


Firstly, Yes - bring your furniture and anything that makes your house a home!!! It will cost you heaps to order new stuff in. Bring mats/rugs for the floors as most alcan houses are fully airconditioned and can become cool underfoot. As for sandflies and mozzies, it will really depend on where your house is located within the township. Some houses are closer to the town lagoon than others. Mozzies are really only a problem at around dusk and then I just burn some citronella sticks and have a few pedastal fans to blow a slight breeze. This is usually sufficient. Hope this helps. And look forward to meeting up if you do choose to move. Good luck.