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Family moving to Gove

Hi!  I'm considering applying to move to Gove.  I have two boys, 12 and 10 and I am interested to know how life is for boys of these ages.  Is there enough for them to do there?  I'd love to hear from other parents with children.  Also, it's almost impossible to find photos of the town itself.  Is there anyone who'd want to post some photos of the town itself and its facilities?  Cheers.  Lee.
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Hi Lee,
Nice to see more people flocking to Gove.
As for photos, you have just walked in on the start of a new website for town, so the content including photos is growing.
Check back in a few days and I will have some photos up of the town.

Activities in Gove are largely centred around the outdoors. There is plenty of camping and swimming to be done, there is a few restaurants, a skate park and the surf club.

Can anyone help with the question of other activities for kids?
Hi Lee,
Gove is none stop for all kids.
we have a well established BMX Club that has a great season of racing and fun. We also have the largest primary school per capita in the NT. How cool that your kids can safely ride to school and enjoy so many outdoor activities. Our town pool is a must to join, you buy a key for the year which allows you to enter at any time of the day or night. The fishing club has a kids program,
camping and fishing is the main lifestyle here for families and there are no shortages of adventures for our Gove children.
kids become really resourceful here and have an extremely social upbringing.  Our children are used to kids coming and going and are so welcoming to new children.
I love that my children are in a safe environment and can grow confidence as they find their feet in the world.
All best with your decisions. rach
Thanks for replying Rach.  Sounds great!  Now all I have to do is get a teaching job there.

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Hi Lee
it is my Belief that Gove is a great town for kids, particully pre teen.
I am the president of the local Astronomy Club, we often conduct activities for kids at the schools and during events.
Check out our club site at
There are 3 schools in town The Christian Scool, Primary School and High School. In Yirrikla there is a School and there are homeland schools in the region.
I have been here for 12 yrs and love it !

Ian Maclean Astronomy-Science Presenter & Writer

Still waiting to see more pics of the town itself and its facilities  :(

I am hearing you Julian, maybe the Amateur Photography club could do some for the website perhaps??


Cheers Anna37

That would be a great idea. Good way to advertise their work too!

Hi there, just replying to the people waiting for photos to get an impression of town.  My family and I are researching a possible move to Gove also and I found it more useful to look on utube for videos of Nhulunbuy.  There are some good ones with some good images of the town etc.  Hope this helps...

Thanks GNH