Bringing Gove Together

Maybe moving to Gove

Hi My name is Sarah, My husband is in the interview process with Rio to transfer to Gove.

Looking at photo's its a very beautiful place to live.

We have 2 quad bikes which we would love to be able to bring up with us have been told we would have to road register them to be able to get to some spots where we can take them.

My question is do many poeple up there have and use quad bikes ?

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats are they ok to bring up with us ? Have been told snakes are a big thing in the death on domestic pets.

And my last question is there anywhere I can look that will give me more photo's of the town and also that of what Rio Housing is like just so we can roughly work out if we have the room to bring everything with us.


Looking forward to some answers

Regards Sarah