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moving 2 Gove

Hi Gove Community,

i have been here 3 and a half years at Rio and have enjoyed all times here, i have been asked to take on a supervisors role which i am keen too pursue,the wife is keen but a bit apprehensive as she is a pt instructor,  shabam, body jam,step aerobic,zumba instructor and deep water aerobics, so she is a bit worried about wrk. as i told her she will meet new people and other opportunities should come her way , as they have for me as i find it a good place to wrk and a friendly place to be.

Any thoughts ???

thanks Scott

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Hi .

My partner and i are also thinking of moving up there, due to his work opportunity at Rio. Tell your wife that one of my my main concerns of moving up was there being no gym etc, i would be more than happy to participate in her aerobic classes, if she was to start some up.

Thank You