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Hi all!  Just wondering if there was any fitness or running clubs in the Gove area.  We are moving to Gove soon and I would like to know if there is any of these clubs/groups in town??
Hi Lis,

We are just in the process of posting our club on Gove Online.  getting the committee off the track to fill in their questionaire???

Runners North is a running and triathlon club.
There is a wide range of people in our club from your serious runners to the more casual contenders.
Runners North offers all sorts of training sessions, weekly time trial, triathlon training, monthly events, walk to run programs, and goals to compete at events out of town.

Our membership is $20 for the year at this stage and some training sessions have a fee. Tri training for the week is $20 or if you only want coaching for certain disciplines it's $5 a session.
Next Monday is the start of Tri Training and we ill post all sessions on Gove Online.

Yesterday we hosted a fun relay run from town to Goann Lagoon. (32k) Goanna is one of our fab watering holes out bush.
Teams of 4 per car mixed with fast and slow runners. each runnin 3km. Was heaps of fun and all had an awesome time with some achieving overall 12k which was a first for some.

Our next event is on the 24th August. Mini Triathlon race 2. open event two options
1. 200 swim 5 bike 2 run
2. 300 swim 9 bike 3 run (up the challenge from race 1)
We are getting people interested in tri mainly for the fitness of cross training. There are some who are hooked and want to go further. But for the main we keep the series short distance so all levels can enter.

Our Event Moto is 'participation'!!!

All the best with your move look us up when you get here
events coordinator
Thanks Rach. Wow! I didn't realise so much could happen in a small town. It all sounds very exciting with a lot variety in your club. I can't wait to move. So I better keep running and I hope to see you all soon.
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Hi - just would like to know is there any dance lesson or gym in Gove...personal trail???  I'm keen to know as might be moving and grooving soon in Gove....look out Gove!!