Bringing Gove Together


Does anyone know if there are any public events on Christmas day or boxing day.
There are a lot of people in town who do not have many other people to celebrate with. Is there an orphans christmas dinner somewhere?

If not does someone want to propose a BBQ somewhere?

Hey Mike,

There was a notice on the town board today for a Christmas lunch at the old G3 wet mess being organised by the Catholic Church with the support of Rio Tinto Alcan and the Corporation. I'm not sure of the exact details though.

Hi there Michael,  hope you've resolved the xmas day events issue.  hope you don't mind me contacting you, but i'm in Sydney with a desire to move to Gove in the new year and would love to chat to somebody who is already there with a view to discussing accommodation, jobs etc.. and basically your thoughts on life in Gove - what you do, how long have you been there and  do you enjoy it there.   i'm almost game enough to jump on a plane and spend xmas/new year to check out the scene for myself re jobs etc..  would you mind corresponding with me. I look forward to hearing from you and have a good day.