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Increasing Cost of Living

Has anyone noticed that the cost of living in Nhulunbuy has increased significantly this year?
Just at a time when people are in financial trouble, all of the services around town seem to be increasing their prices.

Recently I went down to the pool to discover the pool fee for the year has increased to around $190 for a couple. An increase well above the CPI.

Also I have noticed that Dhimurru have increased their yearly permit fee by 38% to $110 per year.

And, well, we all know that there are a couple of stores in town which have been profiting off the captures audience for a few years now.

Does anyone know why a lot of the town services are deciding to sting residents just when they need a break?

Lack of competition? Impact of recession on these businesses translating into higher costs?

An interesting phenomenon is that a lot of prices in a certain local supermarket have dropped over the past few months, especially on 'luxury' type items.

e.g. Sara Lee ice cream has dropped from ~$10 to $6

This is probably not just a local phenomenon, but points to the fact that during boom times people thought nothing of paying above price for such items, now to maintain sales a lot of the gouge has been eliminated.

i was mad about the prices that we get inflicted on us thats why i started my business and it has put me back into a better financial state it was amazing