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TV and Radio

Entertainment in Nhulunbuy is something to be desired. Yes you can get out to a beach and find someone to have a BBQ with, but for those of us who are a little lazy and want to just sit down and relax after work there is little to satisfy.

Currently the only free to air channels available in town are ABC, Imparja and Seven. There is a lot we are missing out on. I noticed that there is a big campaign on free to air TV at the moment called Freeview. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is going to effect Gove? Maybe an upgrade to an all channel digital TV broadcast tower?

Also we need more radio stations. Gove FM is great and the presenters do a fantastic job, but sometimes the music they play is something to be desired. I usually end up switching over to ABC radionational. The only other options seem to be a 24 hour race betting station and the christian rock station.
I would love to see other stations start broadcasting here. Maybe the youth channels like Triple J would consider it if there is enough interest.

Post your thoughts here and if we get enough interest then we might be able to campaign for the change.

With the upcoming analogue TV signal being switched off (already started down south), is Gove going to get the digital signal?

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I have been told that Nhulunbuy is going to get assistance for the community broadcast tower and equipment to go digital in 2013. I hope that we will get all of the channels available in capital cities such as 'One digital', ABC1/2/3, SBS1/2/3 and the community channel 31.

Does anyone know who owns the tower and how the community could assist possibly upgrading soon or even lobbying the government to assist earlier.

In the mean time I have found that the online catchup services such as ABC iView and 7Plus are very easy to use and good quality. (Playstation 3 can access these services very easily)

I am currently in Darwin (between places), and the current channel listing is:

9 and 9HD

1 HD (Sports) and 10 Digital

ABC1, ABC News, ABC 2, ABC 3

SBS 1, SBS HD, SBS 2, SBS 3, SBS 4

SCTV Darwin, SCTV HD, 7 Two

9 Darwin, 9 Darwin HD

All recievers of digital TV in Darwin, will need to rescan after the Commonwealth Games.  Darwin is now getting 3 more digital channels.

So Darwin is currently on 18 channels soon to be 21 free to air channels.

How hard is it to upgrade receiving equipment in Gove??  I have heard that the Town Council/Managers need to agree to it.  Surely receiving so many channels would be beneficial to the town.....

 if there is pay tv, i read a comment that said it was very expensive and a do it yourself installation for the this information correct?

Hi Suziq,

I believe that most houses are already set-up for Austar, and if not there is a telecoms guy in town that can do the installation.

Prices are standard for the monthly as per anywhere else.

If you have any questions, call me on 0410 117 996 and I can get you in contact with the people you need to talk to.


Is Foxtell avaliable up there ? If yes how do we get it installed. Wondering this before we pack up our satalite dish and bring with us if we move up there

It would be great to see Triple J up there (from a "im moving up there and like JJJ" sence and as a platform to get behind local music. The only downside is that the community needs to buy all the gear to set it up and get it running.

Are there any kids channel there? Cartoons etc for a 5yr old