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Walkabout security

just a few issues about the walkabout bouncers and the power trips ther on

for eg harrassment and acusing people of stuff that has not happen or even taken place.
and when asked to produce evidece they cant back it up and come up with some excuess.
also telling people that they are trespassing when they have not even be told they are banned .
and asking for id when they are just passing by the premmises  not even entering the venue

i was i wintess of young kids getting into the jam with fake ids or friends ids that look similar. what happens if these kids get hurt.
keep it real get some real bouncers insted of uptight power trips waiting to explode.

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Note that this post is in no way affiliated with or the views of the Gove Online site or its owners, administrators or other members.

Gove Online does not tolerate bad behaviour on the site, however free speech is paramount to debate. The above claims regarding the Walkabout Lodge and their security is a serious accusation. Gove Online has contacted the Walkabout Lodge for an official response via phone 24th May 2009.

If the author of this post is serious about the accusations the correct approach would be to first contact the Walkabout Lodge management for resolution of the issues.

All venues where alcohol is consumed are often confronted with troubling situations. Patrons, security and management have a responsibility to not partake in and actively deter anti social behaviour within the venue.

Personal Note

I have been a patron in the Walkabout Lodge, Walkabout Tavern and The Jam Nightclub and have found security, bar staff and the vast majority of patrons welcoming, happy and professional. 

Dear Gove Online,
I have read today the comments on Gove Online regarding the comments passed by James, “Walkabout security” on May 22nd 2009 and the response by you on May 24th 2009.

Firstly I must agree that the freedom of speech within our country is a right we all have and one which your web page supports, therefore I feel compelled to respond to James’s comments with the intention of at least placing our position on the matter of Crowd Controllers, Patron behavior and matters that reflect the requirements of Licensed premises in the Northern Territory.

I would also like to support your comments of the 24th May in regard to the need for responsible patron behavior and the need for people who have an issue to take it up with the venue to ensure they the complainants are dealing in the facts.

Unfortunately James’s comments are not specific of time, dates or even an actual location of the issues he has raised; therefore it would be inappropriate to comment on his allegations.

I would like to comment on three specific areas;
1.  Patron Behavior and Responsibility
Persons are more than welcome to enter the Walkabout Tavern if they meet the following requirements;
18 years or older.
Is not intoxicated
Meet the appropriate “dress code” for the area of the Tavern they wish to visit
Must produce appropriate I.D. to a member of staff on request, either on entry or at any time whilst on premises.
Must behave in a manner that is not disruptive or offensive to other guests or staff.
Must follow requests of Management, Staff and Crowd Controllers to ensure the safe and legal operation of the premises.
2.   Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) with regard Crowd Controllers and Bar Staff
The Walkabout Tavern operates under the “Responsible Service of Alcohol” system as set out in all States and Territories of Australia
All Bar Staff either hold RSA or are in the process of obtaining an NT qualification.
All Crowd Controllers are licensed under the NT Crowd Controllers legislation and are in place at the Walkabout Tavern as part of our Licensing agreement with the NT Government to ensure the safest environment possible for ALL our patrons and staff.
Our Staff, Crowd Controllers and our Patrons are under video surveillance in the majority of the areas with the Licensed premises and the Car park, this footage is available to Racing Gaming & Licensing as well as the Police to ensure that we the Licensed Premises meet our obligations and to also monitor the behavior of patrons.
The Walkabout Tavern has in place an experienced and well qualified Management Team and is supported with Crowd Controllers who are qualified and experienced with in the industry.
RSA allows our staff the right to refuse service to any patron they believe to be intoxicated to a point they may either do harm to themselves or others.  
NT Liquor Act Trespass System for Licensed Premises   
The NT Liquor Act has a provision whereby licensed premises can issue a temporary ban from entering the licensed premises.
OR for repeat offenders or more serious issues a “Trespass Notice” is issued to the patron, either by the Licensed Premises or the Police
If a Trespass Notice is issued the Police are notified and the patron cannot enter the Licensed Premises for a period of 12 months.
A breach by a patron of a Trespass Notice can lead to being arrested by Police followed by a Local Court appearance
The Car park of a licensed premises is also considered part of the premises under the Liquor Act, therefore a trespassed person may not even enter the car park.
As you can see, the community as a whole, Government, Licensed Premises and the General Public all have a vested interest in both responsible business operations by the Licensed Premises and most importantly that patrons or intending patrons appreciate their responsibilities to drink and behave in a manner that is acceptable.
We at the Walkabout Tavern take our role seriously to ensure the safe and comfortable environment for ALL patrons and our staff.
Yours sincerelly,

John Tourish
Director – Walkabout Tavern