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Are there Crocs ?

Hi, I may be moving to Nhulunbuy with work and I will be bringing my family. I am a bit green about the tropics and was wondering about a few things

  • Are the crocs everywhere or just in a few well known spots. I have two children and I want them kept as safe as they are now
  • Is it possible to get nice fruit and veg like at a farmers market or something like that.

Thats about it. I look forward to hearing from someone what its like up there



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Hi Eddy,

To answer your first question, yes there are crocs around all rivers, mangroves and beaches (mainly near river mouths).
The croc risk is always present and as such care has to be taken when swimming. You must be able to see the bottom when swimming, so big rivers and billabongs are a no go for swimming. Also it is worth sitting and watching the water while you have lunch prior to getting in at any beach or creek.

Also there are stingers around for about half the year, so you either have to wear a stinger suit or stick to the creeks.

As for shopping, woolworths usually has an ok supply of staple veges and fruit and IGA has a market day every week when they ship fruit and veg from the markets in Adelaide.