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Boat storage


We are busy applying for jobs with Rio tinto in Gove with the intention of relocating if accepted for a position.

I have a large trailerable boat which I would love to take with me if we relocate.  Is there self storage facilities or general boat storage facilities in Gove?



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Depending on where you will be living, either in a single unit, town flats or house there is room to park a boat. In fact car parking is becoming a problem around accommodation in town due to the fact that EVERYONE has a boat.

I have seen huge boats parked in peoples back yards, on nature strips and in many of the large dirt carparks (like laydown yards) around town.

This will not be an issue.

The only thing you need to consider is the huge cost of bait, tackle and fuel as you will be out every weekend smiley
It is sail fish and marlin season at the moment and people are catching huge ones this year.