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bringing pets to town

hi my name is jess, my family and myself may soon be moving to gove and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if we can bring dogs with us when we move. cheers jess 

Hi Jess, 

               I recently went to Gove and as part of my visit I asked if pets were allowed and the answer was yes. If you are to receive a housing allocation it will more than likely be through LJ hooker real estate so a call to them will answer your question.




I used to live on Groote Eylandt several years ago now, and we had the Gove vet clinic come across to provide a service.  I am trying to get hold of this clinic have they moved - the number I have been using is disconnected.  Can anyone help me please?


is there  safe watering holes to take your dogs for a swim? is there a local vet in town?

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It is quite safe to allow dogs to go for swims in the local creeks and the ocean, you just need to be croc aware, the same when you are swimming.

There is a local vet in town. Have a look at the business guide for more info

Hi, We are looking at buying a puppy in cairns does anyone know how much it might cost us or what costs would be involved?

any help would be greatly appriciated.

I think it costed about $200 to get our dog here from Brisbane including the hire of the cage. Ring Qantas and they'll tell you.