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Broadband Access

Hi there
We are looking to move to Gove in the next few months with Rio Tinto.

Can some-one tell me if there is broadband in Gove? Also Foxtel or an equivalent?

Also, what is the standard of accommodation for Rio Tinto employees?

Many thanks!!


There is broadband access in Gove. We have ours with Telstra, we just swapped our address over when we moved and Telstra did all the changing over for us. I'm not sure what other companies can offer access here. There is foxtel although it is expensive to get put on. Austar no longer come here to do connections but you can buy a 'do-it-youself' kit for about $300-$400 where you have to hook up your own satellite etc. The television situation is a bit pathetic without austar with pretty bad reception for normal channels.

Accomodation for Rio Tinto employees is pretty good. Not the prettiest looking houses from the outside as they have to be cyclone rated but once you get used to it they aren't so bad! Some people put a lot of effort into their homes and they look really nice! Some of the homes can be a bit small but they are neat and clean. All the homes are tidied up, fixed up and cleaned before new people move into them. Are you moving with or without kids? That will change what accomodation your entitled to.

Hey that is great - thanks so much for such a detailed response. Really helpful.

I can survive without Foxtel and serious TV but need broadband!! That is great.

We will have 2 children under 2 - do you know if that means a 3 bedder? Great to know they are clean.

I have heard it is a great life for kids. I am slighty nervous about the isolation factor!

Hi again,

I totally understand!.. we can live without the tv but not the net so we didn't worry about getting austar hooked up. 2 kids will definately get you a 3 bedder. It is a great life for kids..there is heaps for them to do! The parks are fantastic and the beach is great....for the sand though not the swimming!! The local pool is really great and they have swimming lessons from 6 months of age. I have only moved here 3 months ago and also have 2 kids... one is 3 next month and a 5 month old.

I have found the isolation a bit tough but have plenty of trips out planned which i think you have to do every now and then. RATA helps with that...another Rio Tinto perk!! But as long as you get out and about do stuff its not so bad...Let me know if I can help you with anything else. 

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