Bringing Gove Together

Horses in Gove?


My husband children and myself are considering moving to Gove, can anybody inform me if there are any horse people or activies in Gove for horses as I would love to bring them but can seem to find any info and any comments anywhere on this site.




Hi Kellie,


The town doesn't have any activities regarding horses nor are there any horses in town.


Land to adjist is the problem as there is none along with high feed transportation costs on the barge across from Darwin add to the logistical cost of owning a horse here in Gove.


Several years ago a small group of locals pooled there money to set up a riding group of sorts. The horses were floated in from Darwin on the track (some 700kms) and land was found at our industrial area to put the horses on. This lasted for a few years but the owners grew older and eventually the cost of keeping the horses became too prohibitive and it stopped. The other issues are experienced horse vets although the town is serviced by excellent general  veterinarian services and as the ground is rocky you will need your horse shoed and adjusted every 6 - 8 weeks which will involve flying a farrier in from Darwin or Cairns at your cost unless you can do it yourself


It's a shame logistics of supply and cost are so difficult and high respectively as the town and it's children would benefit greatly from a Pony / Horse Club. They are beautiful animals.


Hope this has helped to answer your question.


Kind regards,


Craig H.


Thank you for the reply  it breaks my heart to possibly leave them but understand the issues.

Hubby is happy though.