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Moving to Gove

Hi - my partner is moving up to Gove to start work and if all goes well I will be up there by end of October.  From what I know - the road into Gove is a bit hairy and as I will be by myself its all a bit daunting.  Can anyone tell me if I can put my car and belongings on the barge from Darwin and rough costings?  Is this how people usually get in and out during the Wet or is it mostly fly in and fly out unless you have a 4WD?

I will also be looking for employment when I arrive so any help with jobs in admin would be wonderful - contact me if you can help at all and I can forward resumes etc.

I am unsure at this stage about what accommodation we will have but would love to know if I can access any information about rental houses etc.

Thanks in advance


Hi Sal,

My family and I have moved to Gove about 3 months ago. Will your partner be working for Rio Tinto or someone else? Most people that move with Rio have their cars and belonings arrive on the barge, which is how our stuff arrived, but paid for by Rio so I am not sure of the cost. I have heard that it is quite expensive. However, some neighbours of mine recently had a car sent to Darwin for repairs on the back of a truck and it cost about $700. The truck company who are now transporting to Gove is called QAL Transport. I haven't driven the track yet but it can be quite rough. On your own it may be a bit scary.. Some friends of mine recently drove out and had 2 flat tyres before they reached Katherine. The road out is closed over the wet season so the only way out then is to fly. In the dry season a lot of people drive out especially in school holidays I think but many still use the planes too. 

I don't think jobs are as easy to come by as they were a few years ago but there are always new people moving here and partners who move usually seem to pick up work. It is a small town so word of mouth when you get here is probably the easiest way. Most of the houses and other accomodation in Nhulunbuy is owned by Rio Tinto and allocated by them. LJ Hooker is the real estate that manages it all for Rio Tinto after allocation though so you could try the website or maybe contact them directly.

Hope some of this has helped... Good luck with it all!!

 Hi Shell,

Thanks for your info.  My partner is not working for Rio Tinto - doing work for a private company up there.  I will hopefully hear soon about the accommodation we have - as that is being looked after - thank god!  But still don't know if we need to take furniture etc so still waiting on details.

Not sure yet how I will tackle the drive - I've been told that I'll be fine, but the more research I do is scaring me!!! Ben is driving up next week and he will be able to shed some light on that then.

I hope you are enjoying life up there - very nervous but excited about this move.  I could ask question after question but will wait to see wait info Ben has when he arrives - but watch out for the panicked post!

Thanks again for the info


Hi Sal,

When we were waiting to move up we never really knew what was going on until 4 weeks before when it all happened very quickly!!! I'm sure that if you decide to drive in you will be fine! And as long as you know how to change a tyre you should be fine!!! Its a lovely spot up here. Very isolated... but very pretty. I will keep an eye out for any more posts you put up and will try to help you out if i can!

Good luck,