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Cleaning up after yourselves

I recently took my children and some family visitors down to to Goanna Lagoon. 

I had been telling our visitors about the tranquil beauty of Goanna Lagoon, and the safe swimming and camping area that was suitable for children.  

I was very disappointed when we got there to find an old fire site, next to the clay waterhole (the last waterhole), close to where you enter the water, with over a  dozen broken bottles in it, premix cans that had been left to burn and a garbage bag full of rubbish, including more broken bottles, that had been left beside the fire place.  Across the waterhole, there was more bottles that had been thrown across the water hole.

We spent 25 minutes picking the shards of glass off the ground surrounding the camp area, where the bottles had been smashed to tiny pieces.  We took home the garbage bag of rubbish, plus an esky full of broken glass, plastic bottles and food containers

This is a great, safe place for kids, and they should be able to jump in the water, and run around the camp sites barefoot without fear of potential major injury from stepping on broken bottles.   

Goanna Lagoon sits under our Dhimurru permit, we don't pay extra to go there, and we don't need permission to go there at will, why would anyone risk that!

Clean up after yourself..  Remember you are not the only users of these locations and the person you injure with your thoughtless, selfish behaviours could be a small child.
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There have been a few times when I have come across the same thing. It is not that hard to take along a garbage bag to clean your rubbish up with.
I think most people are responsible, but there are too many times you come across the reminance of a selfish visitor.
One thing that really gets to me is used nappies being dumped. I know they smell bad, but wrap them up and take them home!