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Arnhem Physiotherapy Services

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PO Box 205 Nhulunbuy, NT 0881
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Gove District Hospital Physiotherapy Department
Nhulunbuy, NT 0880

Arnhem Physiotherapy Services is located at Gove District Hospital providing a private Physiotherapy service to all members of the community.

Our Physiotherapists diagnose and manage pain and movement dysfunctions due to muscle, nerve and joint injuries.

APS offers Physiotherapy management of sports injuries, fractures, back and neck pain, arthritis, pre and post natal care and post-operative conditions.

Interventions involve muscle release therapies such as deep tissue and trigger point release, joint mobilisation and manipulation in combination with safe and appropriate exercise prescription and numerous modalities to relieve pain.

Neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease and cerebral palsy can benefit significantly from Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is invaluable in relearning movement and where necessary in training functional compensations for these deficits. Interventions focus on muscle reeducation, restoring and improving joint movement, muscle function and gait relearning.

Cardiopulmonary conditions can also be assisted through physiotherapy management. Patients who have difficulty performing their activities of daily living with shortness of breath and decreased endurance can be assisted towards achieving a markedly improved quality of life.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals with a focus on resolving the underlying cause of the problem for a sustained result.

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