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Nhulunbuy, NT 0880

Nhulunbuy is located on a mine lease, as such if you want to explore around the Gove peninsula and Arnhem Land you must obtain Permits from the Northern Land Council and Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation. 

The following Recreation Areas require a General Permit:

  • Guwatjurumurru (Giddy River)
  • Wathawuy (Latram River & Goanna Lagoon)
  • Daliwuy (Daliwuy Bay)
  • Garanhan (Macassan Beach)
  • Ngumuy (Turtle Beach)
  • Baningura (Little Bondi Beach)
  • Yarrapay (Rocky Point)
  • Banambarrnga (Rainbow Cliffs)
  • Gumuniya (Buffalo Creek)
  • Gadalathami (Town Beach)
  • Wirrwawuy (Cape Wirrwawuy)
  • Dhamatjinya (East Woody Island)
  • Galuru (Easty Woody Beach)
  • Lombuy (Crocodile Creek)
  • Ganinyara (Granite Islands)
  • Nhulun 


The following Recreation Areas require a Special Permit:

  • Wanuwuy (Cape Arnhem)
  • Ganami (Wonga River)
  • Gapuru (Memorial Park)
  • Mananggaymi (Scout Camp)

(Dhimurru no longer issues Permits to Cato River. Permits for this area are now obtained from the Northern Land Council)

You can book permits by emailing



Saltwater crocodiles inhabit all water environments in this area. Swimming is not recommended and extreme care should be taken near substantial bodies of water. Do not dispose of fish carcasses near camping areas or boat launching sites.


Dhimurru has been delegated authority to issue permits from the Northern Land Council pursuant to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Act 1979.

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