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Memorial Park


Fires are allowed
Be Cautious - Swimming is ok
No Phone Reception
No Radio

Memorial Park - Gapuru (Gar-pu-roo)

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Memorial Park is located in the upper catchment of Ganami, Gapuru has a campsite adjacent to numerous freshwater rock pools. Similar to Ganami this area is restricted to one group at a time, the maximum group size again being five vehicles. Please observe the signage erected in the area.

Getting there

  1. Head out of town towards the Airport on Melville Bay Rd (Sth East) - 13.5 Km
  2. Turn right on the Central Arnhem Rd towards Bullman - approx 15 Km
  3. Turn Right at Bullman/Cape Arnhem intersection (bitumen section)
  4. Follow Central Arnhem Rd - approx 30 Km
  5. Turn Right and follow track to Memorial Park
Remember to take enough fuel for the return journey and water if you get stuck and need to walk back.


Please take care when swimming. Crocodiles are common in the Arnhem Land region.
It is advisable to only swim where you can see the bottom, or if you are still going to swim wait and observe the water for at least 30 min before entering the water.


Memorial is a great place to camp as there is very limited permits released by Dhimurru you will have peace and quiet all weekend with plenty of shade, great swimming and the soothing sound of water to put you to sleep.

The campsite is immediately adjacent to the fresh water rock pools, so it is not far from the tent for an early morning swim.


A Dhimurru special permit is required for this area.
The area is restricted to one group at a time, with a maximum of five vehicles.
Nearby Crystal Springs is a sacred site and is not included on the permit.

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