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Arafura Dance Association Special Meeting 14th September

Arafura Dance Association Inc. (ADA) need to have a Special meeting to pass an amendment to Section 21 of the Associations Act (which has recently changed). To ensure that ADA continue to operate legally we need to vote on this addition to our Constitution with a quorum of ADA members (parents).The ADA constitution needs to include:  “In order to become a member of Arafura Dance Association Incorporated an Arafura Dance Association enrolment form must be completed and signed and membership fees paid.” If anyone has any objections to this addition to our Constitution please come to the meeting on the 14/9/2010 at the Oasis Room at the Oasis Church (Green Church opposite the Primary School) at 7.30pm, if you agree to the addition come along to the meeting too, if you can’t make it but are OK with the inclusion you can email me with you comments.

To ADA committee members - After this special meeting we will have a general committee meeting.

ADA Notices will be placed on the Town Hall Noticeboard, Gove Online and Arafura Dance Association Facebook site and emailed.