Bringing Gove Together

Arafura Dance Rehearsals

Concert time is fast approaching. Rehearsals are at the Town Hall on Sunday 14th November and then on the Sunday 21st November a full dress rehearsal including makeup (up to parents for the younger dancers) as there will be photos taken on this day, as it’s really the easiest time to get photos of each dance group (no crowd, no quick changes for some dancers etc). Children can leave when they have completed all their dances for the rehearsal day.  This week’s rehearsal may be a good time to do costume checks and meet with Dance Costume Co-ordinators in the foyer, please remember that costumes can’t be handed over till they have been paid for as we don’t want our volunteer costume coordinator mums out of pocket, after all the great work they’ve done. I  The younger children’s time slots will be as follows: 1.00pm - 2.00pm - Tiny Tots/ PS Ballet/PS Ballet 2/PS Jazz/PS Tap (including the older girls helping), 2.00 - 2.15pm - Boys Rock,  2.30 onwards -  All other dancers