Bringing Gove Together

hi guys

hi guys i am moving up to gove soon for a job with rio tinto i am a single guy and will be up there by myself can anyone suggest if there is a good place in gove to meet new people and to socialise and hopefully make some new friends.

i also really love my fishing is there a tackle store in town and a charter company that does tours

as i wont have a car when i get up there is it really needed if i dont have one for a while is there transport to and from the rio tinto refinery for workers

cheers any info would be great

regards wade

Hi Wade,


I haven't been here for long myself but I think I can answer a few questions.

There is a tackle store up here and it has heaps of gear and is very reasonably priced.

There is a bus that picks up workers and takes them to the refinery. It's not a bad idea to have a car though so you can drive around on your time off and see some of the amazing beaches around the place. Otherwise if you meet people that have cars maybe you can go with them?

As for the social scene, I am not too sure for a single male as I have a family. But I am sure you will meet heaps of guys in the same position as you at work. Otherwise there is a pub here that seem busy on the weekends.


Hope that helps!!

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thanks amyb have just come back from my site visit and it is a nice little town and i found a  lot more information while up there so thanks for your help



we are moving to gove in february...we are also looking for social outings and looking forward to making new friends..

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hi suziq

im finally in gove on the 31 january  if somehow we could contact each other would be great being new people in town is always a little bit daunting will try and send another message when finally up there do you no what date you guys will be in town