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Information regarding schools Kids facilities......

Hello everyone,

I have two kids aged nine and two,really appreciate if some one can share their experience living at Gove and regarding what activites are available for kids.

Although we are visiting Gove for a site visit(Rio Tinto) next month but any information before our visit will really be appreciated even regarding accomdation.

Look forward to hear from you



Hi Ritu - you will love Gove... we do!!

Heaps of stuff kids  - sports (soccer, AFL, rugby, swimming, Nippers surf club, dancing, tennis, netball, fishing, tai kwan do and karate, golf etc) as well as scouts, youth group/kids club, playgroups, ... the list goes on...

There is plenty for adults too  - same as per kids plus Theatre Arts group,Lawn Bowls, Squash, Jazzercise, Yoga, Astonomy club, Golf Club, Yacht club ... and heaps more.

The best part is that is only takes 5 - 10 minutes or less to get to any of these...

It is a friendly town with great weather, beautiful beaches - many people here enjoy fishing and camping too.

There is wonderful arts and culture with the local Yolgnu people too.

You may like to check out Nhulunbuy Noticeboard (Facebook).

Hope you enjoy the site visit...


Hello Sarah,

Thanks for the information and its always good to see positive comments and I checked on Facebook  Nhulunbuy Noticeboard great tool enjoyed reading posts there.

We are looking forward to our site visit.




we are also visiting gove on the 5TH january for a day..i really need alot of info on the schools there as my son has autism and is a special education student. I do not know if we speak to any teachers on our visit to find out this information i need. i also wont to inquire of the fees for the christian school. my daughter is going into year 11 and i also need to know if all her chosen subjects for next year is achievable at this fingers are crossed for finding all this out in our day visit before we move there..i will also check out the facebook site..have a great day!!!