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Moving to gove.

Hi my wife and i are moving to gove in the middle of January, i have a few questions 1 Can you get foxtel or is it Austar only. 2 Broadband the best provider as i will somtimes work from home . 3 Who sells draft Guiness most important .4 is there any Manchester City supporters. Many Thanks.   

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First. Welcome to Gove. You can only get AusStar and FreeTV via a vast satellite receiver as well as the free to air channels.
you can get ADSL2 in town with Telstra or any company that runs off a Telstra dslam such as Internode (much better deal) Guineas was on tap at the Arnhem club last time I checked, and only Liverpool supporters are welcome ;) great to see a premier league fan. You will like the new sports bar at the walkabout lodge.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Manchester City? There will be from about March! My wife & I are moving to Gove in February. In the meantime I have all the websites marked to follow them! Cheers