Bringing Gove Together

On The Road Computers

I was hoping to get some local advice please.

I would love to get up to Gove and check out the place as a brother of mine did his apprenticeship on Groote Eylandt and has told me alot about the area.

I run a mobile computer repairs business specialising in hardware and software repairs for small businesses and individuals in small and remote communities / locations.  (I am a laptop hardware specialist!)

What would be the best way to get a 4wd and trailer to Gove?  I am told that the roads from Darwin are not too good so driving is not advisable.  Is there a barge service? Where is it from? What does it roughly cost?

Also would a service like mine be used by the locals?  Are there any local computer repairers that are reasonably priced and provide prompt service?  If so there is probably no need for me to bring my workshop, I could simply try and work in conjunction with them?  Can anyone tell me who the local repairers are and are they good to deal with? Do they have shopfronts or do they work from home?

Accommodation, are there any caravan parks in Gove OR somewhere I can set up camp for  month or so? Do they accept pets?

What would be the best way to notify the locals of my visit to the area?

My workshop is in a trailer which I would need to setup and operate from a good locality. Any suggested spots?  Of course I need to contact the local council to confirm they would allow me to operate in the area.

Any information you could share with me would be really appreciated.  My email address is 

Thanks in advance,