Bringing Gove Together

Vector Control

Nhulunbuy is regularly monitored for mosquitoes through the N.T. Department of Health, Entomology section.  Traps are set and checked on a weekly basis to identify types and numbers of mosquitoes in particular areas.  Larvae investigations in suspect and known breeding areas are carried out to enable efficient direction of the control program activities.  The Corporation maintains spray tracks and access ways to permit the passage of the chemical spray vehicle, to allow the control of affected areas.  Spraying and granular pellet control is carried out by a licensed pest control operator using approved chemicals.
Both of these services are the responsibility of the Nhulunbuy Corporation and are undertaken using contract personnel.  These two services are funded through the rates in Nhulunbuy, unlike other centres, where these functions are undertaken, and generally funded by the N.T. Government.

More information regarding mosquito control can be found on Wikipedia.