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Current News: May 2011

The dry season 2011 is upon us now and already GAA have had our first two observing nights for the new season. The first was a club night last new moon at our Dhupma rd site on the track out just past the airport. And as another treat for club members the weekend of the 21st/22nd of May was an Astrocamp at our Gidies river site. After such an intense wet season it is a pleasure to see clear skies again. There has been a delightful series of planetary conjunctions over the past month that has seen Astronomy in the mainstream media quite a lot.

Friday May 27th will be the next observing night for GAA and it is a night open to the public at our Dhupma rd site. Just take the track out of town & after 1.3 km on the dirt you will see two P for parking signs on the right. Park there and walk into the observing area behind. Remember only red light torches are to be used in the observing area, to preserve everyones night vision. Public observing nights are by Gold Coin Donation to GAA.

**NEWSFLASH** - GAA membership is now only $10 for all members

Clear Skies, Ian Maclean, GAA  President.


How to become a GAA member: (Updated) 

Membership is now only $10 each for Everyone ! making it even easier to join and remain a member of GAA.
These modest fees are to cover insurances and events through the year.

Each member will receive notification of special members only events by Email and SMS, it pays to belong !
Fill out the
membership form and send to PO box 178 Nhulunbuy, NT 0881


What Do We Do?

GAA aim to make astronomy accessable to the community's of NE Arnhemland with regular public Astronomy nights. These nights are run by club volunteers to share the delights of the night sky with all who want to look.
For members of GAA we conduct additional astronomy nights, special interest events, Astronomy camps and more.



We have our very own ‘dark sky site’ exactly 1.3km off the bitumen past the northern end of the airport .runway (Dhupma Rd), where we hold the majority of our regular star gazing nights (as shown on the Google earth map on this page).
On viewing nights we signpost directly out the front of the site, so we’re hard to miss!  The site has a well maintained smooth ground surface and ‘park style’ concrete tables and chairs for convenience.

We often host events in or near town as well, including on Hindle oval, the golf club and even in the town centre occasionally.



Dry season: We usually meet monthly during the dry and more often as special astronomical events are forecast such as the passing of a comet etc.

All Public events are advertised through the local paper, radio, IGA Noticeboard.

During the wet season our meetings are less regular due to weather restrictions however when the sky is clear the atmosphere is much clearer and therefore often a more rewarding viewing experience!


Who comes to viewing nights? 

Whether you’re just curious and want to come along to have a look or if you have just purchased yourself a new scope and want to learn more, or if you’re a bit of a whiz and want to come share your knowledge, all are welcome.



The objectives of our Association are to “encourage people with an interest in astronomy to get to know each other, to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and equipment, to promote astronomy as an interesting field of study for pleasure and as a science, and to provide educational and entertaining astronomy-related experiences to children and students alike, appropriate to their level of understanding. Our viewing nights and special events are all focussed on education and pleasure.

Benefits of Membership. 


The Association has a range of assets available for loan or hire, including ….


  • An "Astroscan" 4 inch Travel Scope (ideal for camping trips)
  • A Meade 4" reflecting scope, ideal to learn your way around the night sky at your own pace in the backyard.
  • Safe solar telescope, an easy way to introduce young kids to Solar Astronomy
  • A full set up of shades, eskys, BBQ and more for our astrocamps

Events and services

  • Advise of upcoming astromical event and discoveries. 
  • special interest events & in depth astronomy nights.
  • Astronomy camps (Astrocamps) during the dry season. 
  • An SMS service for those Ad Hoc nights during the unpredictable wet season weather, 

How to become a GAA member: (Updated)

Membershipis now only $10 each for Everyone ! making it even easier to join and remain a member of GAA.
These modest fees are to cover insurances and events through the year.

Each member will receive notification of special members only evens by Email and SMS, it pays to belong !

GAA Inc. Committee 2011:

President: Ian Maclean
Vice President: Neil Baulch
Treasurer: Mamadou

Secretary: Kevin Rogers
Equipment Curator: Neil Baulch
General Committee: Vacant
General Committee: Vacant


GAA are thankful to our regular sponsors for their ongoing support:

CBF (Community Benifit Fund)
The Community Benifit Fund NT have supported GAA on many of our projects to Acquire, Improve and Upgrade our equipment.
The most recent project has been to upgrade the "Eyes" of our large aperture 18" telescope to premium eyepieces and the provision of a "Telescope Computer",

 this device will allow us to automate the ability to pinpoint Galaxies, Nebulas & more !
The combined effect of this upgrade will enhance the experience of the 100's of participants of our Public outreach astronomy program every year.

TAC (The Arnhem Club)
TAC offer ongoing support to GAA via their raffle program, which gives our club the opportunity for regular fundraising events at TAC on a rostered basis, with other clubs in Nhulunbuy. This regular funding is vital to the growth and expansion of the activities in the community of GAA Inc.


Contact Us

  • You can contact club president Ian Maclean on 0417 601490
  • You can email the club by clicking the email form link above 
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